Value All You Have

Love All That You Are

Hello World and Happy Day My Friends 🤗

Why is it so much easier to tell others how amazing they are or to help another see their own self worth? 🤔

Why is it so much easier to give praise than to receive it?? To give a compliment yet hard to accept one? 🙄🤔

Is it because we are taught that if we think too much about ourselves that it’s selfish? Or that we’re conceited?

Or is it because we don’t want to act or seem like we think we’re all that? Hmmmmm?🤔

We are taught that we can be anything we want to be and that if we truly believe we can, we will!! 

So why do we put our own self worth on the back burner? 🤔

There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself kudos and knowing that you did a good job at something… 

There’s nothing wrong with knowing you’re a good person and believing that you can do anything! 😁

Don’t ever feel bad for patting yourself on the back cause when we value all that we have and all that we do… We attract more goodness and stay more positive too!! 

So appreciate & be grateful for all that you are… You’re worth all your desires… 

You ARE a star ⭐🌟⭐

Ricci 💕

Déjà Vu

Vujà Dé

Hello World,

I have been a busy lady getting the bus all ready… Yet if course the window privacy panels were driving me insane cause no matter what they did not wanna stick to the vinyl along the windows unless I wanted to use crazy glue which would have defeated the purpose of me bringing able to take the up and down… SOOOOOOOO I changed them yet again.. Lol lol… There’s a before and after pic and OMG I am now loving them ❤❤…. 

That’s what made me think of this poem…I was feeling like I doing the same thing I’ve and over again Déjà Vu big-time and remembered a friend telling me about Vujà Dé … Which means seeing something familiar yet looking at it in a completely different way… Hence the changing of the window panels woo hoo hahaha 🤗😁🤗

I also put in the fridge (see pic) so the kitchen is almost done which I’m really happy about and once that’s done, within a few days I’ll put down the rest of the flooring and then other than the inside electricity I’ll almost ready to hit the road for the Keys to go help clean up 😁❤😁

Hurricane Irma really messed up a ton of cell towers and internet lines so my service has been really spuradic hence my not being here as often, yet I wanted to stop in and say HELLO WORLD while I had the chance to say everything is moving along nicely… I’m down to only needing $424 to complete the inside electricity and my gofundme link is still active and below if anyone can help… ❤😘❤🌻
Thank you all for your prayers and private messages checking on me.. I’m well and missing and loving you all very very very much… 

Have a beautiful day world 🌻🌍

Ricci 💕

Honor Your Feelings

And You Honor Yourself

Hello World,

Why are we taught to suck it up and hide or stuff the way we feel… Every time we do that we are not being real…

For many years I hid my emotions… Not showing others when I wasn’t ok… Until I realized how miserable I was for not allowing myself to express my emotions… Not honoring how I was feeling within me.

No one is saying if your angry to go punch someone or something and no one is saying that by showing your emotions you’re pulling them into whatever is going on with you…

You’re just being real about what’s going on inside of YOU…

When we stuff our emotions and don’t process them as they appear, somewhere and sometime down the road they surface again and are twice as hard to get through…

Next time someone asks you of you are ok and you’re not,  politely say “No I’m not YET I will be” and go about processing how you feel cause that show others and yourself that you are being real!!!

I’m only $300 away from reaching my goal.. Please help if you are able and or share my link to get my story out and make my dream my reality. I’m ready to heal and ready to live again and we are so close to making this my reality so I can keep my promise by honoring my son and sprinkle his ashes at the places he wanted me too… Thank you all for sharing you with me and thank you for all your support.

Much love to you all

Have a fantabulous day my friends 🌞🌹🌞

Ricci ❤