Everything Starts With A Dream

And Dreams Do Come True

Hello World,

This evening I was talking to a friend about the bus and my travel goals and I felt an almost overwhelming sense of AHHHHHHHH 🤗🤗 

A feeling that’s almost unexplainable yet at the same time it was a feeling of accomplishment knowing that my dream is coming true right before my eyes ❤🤗

Everything we want in our lives start as a dream.. A dream that goes from a wish, to hope, to belief, to determination, to a goal and with work, time and patience our dreams do come true… 

Never ever stop believing in your dreams.. Never ever stop believing in YOU 🤗❤🤗
I’m down to only needing help to get the 2000 watt inverter and the 200 watt solar panel kit for me to have electricity inside without using the engine batteries while stopped at night. The active link is below for anyone that can help or share the link… Please click on “Read More” under the picture of me and my son to read about my journey 🤗❤🤗

Thank you all for sharing you… I am grateful🙏❤


Goodnight Universe ❤🤗❤

Ricci 💕

Your Greatness Is Undeniable

When YOU Believe In You

Hello World,

We all have that little voice in our head that conjures up fear and doubt… Yet wherever it says you’re not good enough, tell that voice to get out… 

Think about all the things you’ve done to get you where you are today.. If you always listen to that little voice it will always get in your way… 

List all of your accomplishments and what you did to achieve each one. Then let them all inspire you to keep on moving on! 😁💕

I’m down to only needing $150 to bring the bus home and pay off the mechanic and I need your help to continue my journey of healing and letting go and to spread my sons ashes along the way…

Most of you know my story and about my gofundme campaign and the promise I made to my son…. please help if you are able for every little bit helps or share the link below so I can do this, because I truly believe that it is time to let go and continue my journey, it’s time to move on and I AM ready 🌹😘🙏🌹


Ricci 💕