There’s a Difference Between Wearing A Mask

And The Different Roles We Play

Hello World 🌻 Happy Day My Friends 🤗🌻🤗

I bumped into a friend at the store the other day and we started talking about the different roles we play on a daily basis and it made me think about how true that is 🤔🤔..

There’s a huge difference between wearing a mask to hide who you really are or wearing one to be who you really aren’t than when you’re playing a role that is a necessary part of who you are!

When my kids were little I use to tell people all the time that I’m a different mom for each kid…

My kids were spread apart.. my oldest is 6 yrs older than my middle son and 10 yrs older than my youngest… When my oldest was in 6th grade my middle one was in kindergarten and my youngest was 4 yrs younger than my middle one and in day care… Sooo I had to be play a different role with each of them…

Yes I still was mom but I had to be different because of their ages 🤔🤔🤔

When I went to work, the mom role was turned off until I got home.. I was a different person at different times throughout my day and different according to where I was… Yet I wasn’t wearing a mask to hide who I was at anytime 🤔😮..

My point in all this is:

We are different people all the time..

We are different towards our kids than we are to our coworkers, we are different with our bff than we are too someone we meet for the first time and that’s ok cause it’s part of WHO we are..

Yet wearing a mask to disguise who you really are isn’t healthy or ok cause it’s not being real!

So my friends know the difference between the two cause we play different roles every day.. but if you putting on a mask to hide who you are.. that is not ok 😮…

Ricci 💕

Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean

That’s Being Courageously You

Hello World,

It can be very hard saying no to the people we love and care about… Yet when we say yes when we need to say no… We’re not being true to ourselves…

Saying no is not a bad thing…yet some people will try to make you feel bad .. Which is a form of manipulation and that’s no good for you or them and don’t put on a mask to make others feel good cause that’s not being who you are… 

Always say what you mean and mean what you say and don’t feel guilty for saying no or do something because someone else wants or expects you to… when you say no all it means is you care about yourself and won’t do what you don’t like to do just because they want you too… 

Then when when you do say yes you’ll mean it and people will know and appreciate that you are being real and that’s being courageously true to them and most importantly true to yourself!!! 

💫 Goodnight Universe 💫

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Ricci ❤