Spread A Little Kindness

To All You Do and Do Not Know

Hello World,

What a beautiful act of kindness I got to witness today…. 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

As I was checking out of my least favorite store ever (the one that begins with WAL lol lol) There were 2 people in front of me and the one checking out was I would say in her late 70’s to mid 80’s… 

Now I’ve read about these things happening yet never saw until the other day and I LOST IT…. She had the basic staples like bread, milk, eggs etc and when she saw the total she was over by about $15 and as she was trying to decide what to put back I stepped up and asked how much she needed and before the cashier could answer the woman in front of me said… How much is her total amount.. the cashier told her and not only did the lady pay for it.. she immediately bought her a $100 Walmart gift card and gave that to her too…. 

Yep she lost it, I lost it, the cashier lost it and all the nice lady said was “kindness isn’t something we should TRY to do its something we should all do every single day…” She said “it’s not about money, it’s not about things, it’s just about caring for others and that’s what makes us human beings….”

I told her I was going to use that in my post and I would have taken a picture yet the elderly lady said she didn’t want one taken cause she wasn’t up to par… We all laughed, smiled and hugged and that was then end of that.πŸ€—πŸ˜€

Moral of this story… “It’s not about money, it’s not about things… Being kind to everyone is about being a “real” human being!!!”

Have a beautiful day world πŸŒ»πŸ€—πŸŒ»

Ricci πŸ’•

There are a few items I still need to get so I can complete the bus and make it livable.. If anyone knows where I can get a 2000 watt or higher inverter, a 200 watt solar panel kit, an electric cooler or mini fridge to help me complete the bus, It will be greatly appreciated. πŸ™

My gofundme link is still active for anyone that would like to help… Or if anyone has one of those items they would be willing to donate please email me, send me a direct message or comment below. The active link is below. Please click “Read More” below the picture of me and my son to read the fully story… Please help if you are able or share the link so WE can continue converting the bus and move forward with my journey to heal and honor my son.. much love my friendsπŸ™β€πŸ™


Welcome To Being Human

Negative Thoughts Happen To Us All

Hello World,

Have you ever had a negative thought pop up out of the blue? Welcome to being human cause it happens to everyone else too πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ€”

Thinking a not so encouraging thought is 100% normal… Shift your thought, let it go and do your best to get back to the present and tune out the negative thought…πŸ™ƒπŸ€”πŸ™ƒ

It won’t be very easy at first yet with practice you’ll get better and better at turning down the volume of those yucky negative thoughts… Stay as positive as you can and chase the thoughts away… Our mind is very powerful, shift your thoughts altogether and have a beautiful day🌞🌻


You all know my story and I only need $328 more to pay the mechanic to be able to continue my journey and convert the bus like I promised my son I would do… I cannot do this alone and need your help to do so. I’m so very close and with your help I can continue the journey to heal my heart and learn to live my life without my son… It’s not going to be an easy journey spreading his ashes at all the places he wants me too yet I know that I AM ready and I am NOT alone… because I have all of you!!! T

he active link is below please help if you are able or share the link to help my story get out there and I thank you all for all your support…

 I AM grateful 


Ricci ❀

We All Have Choices

Choose Wisely

Hello World, 

Life is full of choices… Choices that we all have the power to make. 

We have the choice to be kind, to care, to help and to love. We have the choice to have a good day or a bad day… We have the choice to be happy, mad or simply sad. We have the choice to change our mood every second, minute and hour of each day. 

Make the choice to be happy, make the choice to be kind, make the choice to help those that need a helping hand, make the choice to share your light for those whose light is dim… Make the choice to be human for it’s our choice to do so!!!

It’s your day so choose to make it great for you and everyone else too!! 


For those that are seeing my posts for the first time WELCOME to my story. I unfortunately lost my son a little over a year ago and my daughter-in-law started a campaign to help me get a van so I can honor his last wishes and spread his ashes …. Please help if you are able …The active link in is below and I’d appreciate if you could share it. 

Its my dream to honor his wishes so that I can heal and learn to carry the pain in my heart lighter and help others who have lost a child as well.. It is my purpose, it is my goal and I will NOT give up!!!! ❀

β€πŸ™β€ Ricci β€πŸ™β€