Being Optimistic In A Pessimistic World

Optimism Is Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Hello World

There are some that say being an optimistic person is a waste of time or they say you’re nothing but a dreamer.

Being optimistic doesn’t mean you’re a dreamer of dreams… It doesn’t mean you live your life in the clouds not seeing anything bad or avoiding the negatively in every day life and in our world. Being optimistic doesn’t mean you’re always happy. Being optimistic means you have hope!

Being optimistic means you always hope for a better tomorrow. It means that no matter what life throws at you, you’re not gonna let it get you down. It means that just because something didn’t work out today, you have the wisdom to know it won’t stay that way forever. That you can accept the bad and keep moving forward knowing that there’s a light at the end of every tunnel.

There’s enough pessimism in our world today to last too many lifetimes. 

Be an optimist in this pessimistic world. Stay positive and always have hope for better tomorrow’s… For the ones that believe in a better world are the ones that bring light to the darkest of days… 

Stay Positive, Be Optimistic & Have A Beautiful Day 🌻🌞🌻


Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Life

There’s nothing wrong with chasing your dreams

Why does there have to be a why? So many people always say “why” when you tell them about your dreams or goals. Just because its not something they’re interested in or something they would do, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or not a good idea.

We all have our own wants, needs and desires and that’s what makes us unique. Could you imagine what this world would be like if we all liked the same things, if we all had the exact same dreams. Not everyone likes to travel and that’s ok. Not everyone likes to write or take photographs. Not everyone likes opera or rock music and it’s all ok!!!

What’s not ok is someone telling you not to follow your dreams or goals just because they don’t agree. Don’t ever curtail or placate your dreams or goals for anyone. No matter what, they’re your goals and your dreams. If you are passionate about them, go after them & don’t put your dreams or goals on hold for anyone.

Life is short, surround yourself with people that support you going after your dreams. Surround yourself with people that believe in you. 

There’s nothing wrong with chasing your dreams… If you’re passionate about them, go after them and you’ll catch each and every one!

Good Night Universe


Prospect of Change

Walking Past That Zone

Hello World,

Why does the word “change” intimidate us? Where did we learn that “change” is not beneficial to our well being? Why were we taught not to honor our feelings and that we had to conform to a standard way of life?

Hmmmmm I believe we were all bamboozled!!! 😊

Change is inevitable… We “change” from being an infant to being a toddler… We “change” from being a kid to a teenager and so on… So then why were we taught to “fear change” when it’s a part of life?

Changing should be embraced, just as we embraced each stage of our lives. It should be welcomed not feared. We talk about stepping out of our comfort zone, yet if change was embraced we wouldn’t have a comfort zone to step out of!!!

Hmmmmm… We could all go in circles about this “change” thing or we could embrace and welcome all changes in our lives and look at it as a stepping stone into another fabulous chapter in our book of life!

Embrace & welcome change… It’s just another chapter in your life! Follow your heart and write your best seller!!!


A Negative Review

Only You Matter

Hello World,

When I look back on my life and basically do a life review… I tend to giggle… What I thought about myself in the past and what I think about myself now is like night and day.

For years I always worried about what others thought of me… Even little things like who was going to like what I was wearing, was anyone going to notice my new shoes or my new haircut… REALLY??? 

I know at some point in life everyone’s goes though that… Yet REALLY??? Male and female, whether at work, in high school etc.. We all do it or have done it… Yet why? Why are we taught to worry about what others think about us and why did we?

Everyone has an opinion, whether good or bad we all have our own opinions and rightfully so. Yet most live their lives focusing on what others think, rather than focusing on themselves. Taking the focus off yourself only stunts your growth. Not everyone moves forward at the same rate and not everyone wants to or knows how.

Stop worrying about an opinion someone else has about you… Because the only opinion that really matters is your own!!!

Good Night Universe


Focus Focus Focus

Take your time, life goes by fast enough!

Hello World,

Go, Go, Go…Do, Do, Do is the norm in today’s world. We try to do so many things at once that we rarely get anything done.

We take on sooooo many things that we wind up doing things half assed or things don’t ever get completed… Putting things off till we have time or getting stressed cause we think there’s not enough time in a day to get everything we think needs to get done immediately doesn’t help at all.

I’ve learned that for me I must prioritize my day… Making lists if necessary of what needs to get done immediately and what things can wait. When I take the time to prioritize, my day is easier and I actually get more things done. 

Our world is a busy one yes that’s true, yet nothing is worth our well being, nothing is worth stressing out over and taking on more than you can handle won’t get you any brownie points, it will only stress you out.

Slow down, take your time and do things one at a time. You’ll find that your day goes by much smoother and the stress will melt away! Slow down when you’re moving to fast and focus, focus, focus 😊

🌞🌻Ricci 🌻🌞

A Devastating Loss

A Healing Journey To Live Again

Hello my friends,

My story continues…🌻

In the end of 2014 I was put on permanent disability… It was very hard for me to grasp because I was always a go go go person, I still am… yet my income became a quarter of what I was accustomed too and it was a tough road, yet my middle son Michael (my mini me) helped me get through it emotionally and physically and on January 1, 2015 when my rehabilitation therapy began, my son and I decided we were going to save for a van, convert it to live in and travel all over the states to all the beautiful places we both wanted to see. We, (my children and I) are all dirt loving, tree hugging, nature, travel and lovers of life people 😊🌻

We chose my birthday September 10, 2015 to begin our adventure after all my physical therapy ended. Giving us time to save and find a cargo van we could covert. 🌻

Michael had just turned 24 in October 2014 and was the only one of my children still living at home (my middle child) It was his choice and I was fine with it because he had a heart condition since birth and always wanted to stay close to me. 🌻

On July 30th 2015 he came into my room and said he didn’t feel good that his heart hurt. I of course jumped up to take him to the hospital and he turned to me and said “No mom… I want to go out of this world the same way I came in, in your arms!” I was shocked and if course said no Michael… He looked at me and said “It’s ok mom there is no end, I’m just going on a different journey!” He passed in my arms that night. 😒😒

I made a promise to him that I would continue our plans and sprinkle a little of his ashes at every place we planned to see and as of today I have not been able to do so. I was not ready to let go, I was not ready at all 😒

On his birthday last year in tears I asked God and the universe why Michael? Why not me?… I was a mess, angry and so hurt, ready to give up and then I heard it… “Mom start writing again and go live our dream, your dream… It’s ok mom, I’m ok… It’s time for you to live.” It was his voice and there isn’t a soul on this planet that could convince me otherwise, it was my son, my Michael. That is when I stated writing again. Michael loved my quotes and use to tell me to write more as he was a writer too… My mini me 😊 that’s when I knew what I needed to do for him and for me. 

My writing is a reflection of what I’m going through at that very moment and what I’m working on myself. I don’t prewrite any of my quotes, they come to me first thing in the morning and at night usually and after finding the closest piece of paper and pen, I write them down, make them pretty and post them. They are like little reminders I get throughout my day. A reminder to self, and what has been helping me heal over the past 6 months.

This has been the hardest 20 months of my life and for the first 14 months I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to get past my loss, my pain. I still have very hard days, yet writing has truly saved my life and I’m learning that what I write helps others too and that is helping me heal in many ways. It’s not going to be an easy journey, yet I’m learning and will continue to learn how to carry this. I know the pain won’t ever go away, yet I will learn how to carry it lighter, smile, laugh and move on with my life. 

I’ve decided to continue saving for a van so I can keep my promise and more importantly live again as I know that’s what he would want too and and as soon as I can get a van, I shall 🌻

I’m ready to keep my promise to my both of us, travel around the country sprinkling his ashes at all the beautiful places we wanted to see and I’m ready to live again and because of the connection and the love in my heart I know I’ll be ok… 

Love never leaves you, it never ever dies… Love out lasts us all!πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

This is my story… A journey made from the biggest love of all, the love for my child….My healing journey has begun…. I AM ready

πŸ’“πŸ™ Ricci πŸ™πŸ’“

Moving On

Beating all the odds

Hello My Friends πŸ™

As with all stories mine too started as a child with a vision. A vision to write to motivate and spread smiles worldwide. Which I have done and continue to do. 🌻

I was blessed to have a very spiritual mother who taught me to always be me, to always look within for answers, to always love all things & to be kind no matter what. That too I’ve done and continue to do. 🌻

I grew up as we all do, went to school, college, had a great career and had 3 beautiful children. Life continued as it does. I’ve made good choices throughout my life and bad choices as we all have, yet I loved life and was known for always helping others and for my big huge smile. 🌻

In 1998 at 39 yrd old I was diagnosed with Stage 2 MS, Epilepsy and a chronic spine disease which rocked my world, yet I continued to go about my life. I had 3 children I was raising alone and in 2001 the surgeries began on my spine and by 2003 I had 4 surgeries. I was told I would be wheelchair bound within 3 years for the rest of my life… well I refused to believe the doctor’s and told them all to kiss my ass! (I’m a firm believer in mind over matter) and 14 yrs later I’ve had 11 spine surgeries ALL of the vertebrae in my neck removed (rods hold up my big old head) and I’m still standing, hiking, camping, walking and doing everything I was told wouldn’t be possible. 

My last and final surgery was September 27th 2014 and you would never know by looking at me that I’ve lost 90% of the mobility in my neck, have rods in my back and I am NOT in a wheelchairπŸ™ doctors only practice medicine they aren’t experts!

2015 is where my story begins… And being that this is long enough…I will continue with my next post, cause 2015 is when my pain began its when I almost lost hope… its when I lost my heart, my faith and my writing began again after 23 yrs of only writing for me and my children… 

To be continued my friends

πŸ’“πŸ™ Ricci πŸ’“πŸ™