Moving On

Beating all the odds

Hello My Friends πŸ™

As with all stories mine too started as a child with a vision. A vision to write to motivate and spread smiles worldwide. Which I have done and continue to do. 🌻

I was blessed to have a very spiritual mother who taught me to always be me, to always look within for answers, to always love all things & to be kind no matter what. That too I’ve done and continue to do. 🌻

I grew up as we all do, went to school, college, had a great career and had 3 beautiful children. Life continued as it does. I’ve made good choices throughout my life and bad choices as we all have, yet I loved life and was known for always helping others and for my big huge smile. 🌻

In 1998 at 39 yrd old I was diagnosed with Stage 2 MS, Epilepsy and a chronic spine disease which rocked my world, yet I continued to go about my life. I had 3 children I was raising alone and in 2001 the surgeries began on my spine and by 2003 I had 4 surgeries. I was told I would be wheelchair bound within 3 years for the rest of my life… well I refused to believe the doctor’s and told them all to kiss my ass! (I’m a firm believer in mind over matter) and 14 yrs later I’ve had 11 spine surgeries ALL of the vertebrae in my neck removed (rods hold up my big old head) and I’m still standing, hiking, camping, walking and doing everything I was told wouldn’t be possible. 

My last and final surgery was September 27th 2014 and you would never know by looking at me that I’ve lost 90% of the mobility in my neck, have rods in my back and I am NOT in a wheelchairπŸ™ doctors only practice medicine they aren’t experts!

2015 is where my story begins… And being that this is long enough…I will continue with my next post, cause 2015 is when my pain began its when I almost lost hope… its when I lost my heart, my faith and my writing began again after 23 yrs of only writing for me and my children… 

To be continued my friends

πŸ’“πŸ™ Ricci πŸ’“πŸ™

Love Out Lives Us All

Love doesn’t ever die, it’s the key to living!

Hello my friends, 

Many have asked me where my writing stems from and only a handful of you know. It’s not something I talk about frequently because it’s a pain like no other. 😒

Yet I’ve received so much love and support from so many on IG telling me how much my words have helped them that I feel it’s time for me to tell you all my story. πŸ™

Over the next few days I’ll be posting about me. Why I write, how I write and where it all comes from… It is time for me too fully heal and I believe this is where it will all begin. πŸ’–

Bear with me my friends its going to be a very emotional ride! πŸ™



Being prosperous isn’t all about money!

Happy day my friends 🌞🌻🌞 yesterday truly helped me realize what being prosperous truly means. It isn’t about money or all the things you own… Is about living through life with all it’s twists and turns and being happy no matter what.

Don’t let the idea of being monetarily rich destroy the wealth you have every single day!!! πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜



Appreciate all you have before time makes it all you had!

A Beautiful Day

I spent a beautiful day on the beach today, taking a bunch of pictures including the background picture of my quote.  

It was a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky and as I sat there contemplating my life, I was reminded to always appreciate everything… The little things and the big things. The good and the bad… Things come and things go… Yet we need to appreciate all that we “have” before time makes it all that we “had!” Don’t allow the craziness of everyday life make you forget all the beautiful things in our world and the beautiful things you have in your life right now!!! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Have a beautiful night … Good Night Universe πŸ’“Sweet Dreams πŸ˜΄πŸ’“


Limited Edition

Limited Thinking Causes A Limited Life

Hello World,

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. We too often limit our thinking because we listen to what others believe. Others are not YOU… they don’t think like you, feel like you, hear like you or see things as you do. We all hear, see, think, feel and process things differently and that’s what makes us unique.

Don’t allow limited thinking to stop you from believing in or achieving your dreams. What we think of ourselves is what we actually become. When we think we can’t, we don’t… When we think we can we become unstoppable and that’s when miracles happen in our life.

Nothing can stop you when you believe in your dreams. Nothing can stop you when you believe in yourself. You don’t need others to validate whatever YOU believe you can do, the only validation you need is YOU!!!

Open your mind and follow your heart and become a limited edition… πŸ’“

Have a beautiful day my friends it’s time to believe in YOU


Good Night Universe

Hello World,

Today was another beautiful day and my first day of stepping out of my comfort zone and starting my blog.

I’ve been writing all my life, yet have only been posting my writings on Instagram for a few months. 

I mainly started posting my writings because I don’t prewrite anything, I write what’s in my head at the moment, and usually just grab whatever piece of paper is close by.  Sooooo I started making them pretty and then posting them so I wouldn’t lose them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I never thought they would be so well received by so many, because in all honestly, I was just posting them as my self help reminders. My journal of daily reminders so to speak, and that’s what brought me here. An expanded version of my thoughts, of what I’m dealing with at the moment and what I do to get through and past whatever I’m internally dealing with persay.

So that’s what my posts here will basically be about. My hello world good morning and my good night universe thoughts… 

I can only say how I feel and some may enjoy my words and some may not, yet my words are mine and my opinions only… We all have or own thoughts and beliefs and our own way of dealing with life.. This is my story, my beliefs, my thoughts and my life… My journey though this thing we call Life πŸ’“πŸ™πŸ’“

Enjoy and I hope you’ll gain a little light and lots of smiles too…

Good Night Universe


My Story Begins

A story of life, love, healing & growing

IMG_20170408_111044_505Hello World,

We all have a story, some easy, some hard, some happy, some sad. Yet each unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

Today I begin to tell my story. A story of life, healing, motivation and inspiration… A story of friends, family and every day life. A story of strength to keep going after being told I couldn’t. A story of devastating losses and a story of love. A life story, a healing story… My journey to heal and my journey to live…

My journey begins now!