The Worst Enemy You’ll Ever Have

Lives Right Between Your Ears

Hello World

We all have those crazy days when we want to just give up, yet when you get frustrated take a brake and breathe… When you start to get overwhelmed, step back, slow down and  breathe… Cause when we start to second guess ourselves we give up on our dreams… Don’t ever ever give up cause our biggest worst enemy lives between or own ears!!

😘😍❀😍😘 Sweet Dreams my friends😴

16 days for me to get that bus so close my friends.please help if you are able or share the link to help me get my story out. Thank you my friends… the active link is in my potential.. Much appreciated my friends so so sooooo very grateful 😘😘
πŸ˜΄πŸ’« Goodnight Universe πŸ’«πŸ˜΄

Ricci πŸ™β€πŸ™

Hope and Believe

That Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day

Hello World,

There is nothing or no one that can ruin your day… It’s always your choice how you make your day and how you chose to react to difficulties that may arise.. As long as you always believe and have hope for better tomorrows, then it’s that hope and belief that will make any difficulties you may face today easier to bear… Always have hope and always believe!!!!

You all know my story and I am only $1100 away from reaching my dream and getting that shuttle bus. I’m so close and have to get it off the property by May 20th and I need your help to do so…. The active link is before…please help if you are able and share the link to help me get my story out there.. I believe it is meant to be and I will not give up!!!
❀❀ Ricci ❀❀

Unlimited Potential

Happens When You Remove Those Fears

Hello World ❀🌻❀ 

We all have so much potential inside of us yet we tend to not believe. We allow our fears to surface and our dreams begin to fall. When those fears begin to show their face don’t believe them at all… 

To be able to reach your potential, you have to knock down your greatest fears. Believe, believe, believe ….cause you really can do anything when you truly believe you can!!!

You all know my story and I am only $1100 from reaching my dream and getting that shuttle bus. I’m so close and have to get it off the property by May 20th and I need your help to do so…. The active link is below…please help if you are able and share the link to help me get my story out there.. I believe it is meant to be and I will not give up!!!

Ricci πŸ™β€πŸ™

With A Little Help From My Friends

Dreams Can Come True

Hello World, 
Some of you have read my story about my devastating loss, losing my 24 yr old son and the painful journey I’ve been on healing through my writing and a ton of wtf’s, emotional breakdowns and a ton of tears. Some of you have learned about me and my disabilities as well. First and foremost THANK YOU for all the kind words and loving support from so many that have went from followers on Instagram and followers of my blog, to becoming my family, my true and real family and for you all I am beyond grateful.

A few weeks ago my daughter-in-law saw a shuttle bus with a for sale sign in the window. So after calling and getting no response, I got up the nerve to go inquire about it, I went in to ask to speak to whomever I needed to talk to about the shuttle bus.

A gentleman came out and immediately asked me what I wanted it for… I asked him to bear with me as I didn’t want to cry telling him my story and he smiled and said ok.

After telling him about my son, our plans prior to his passing away and why I needed it he asked me what my budget was and explained it only had 22,000 miles on it and the center didn’t need it any longer. I explained about being on disability and just needed someone willing to work with me. He said to wait while he talked to his partner and would let me know. 

He told me all about it and said they felt like it belonged to me and was glad I wanted it for the right reasons and said they would drop the price from $6500 to $2500 and would work with me but it needed to be off the property ASAP… I lost it crying..

I told them that I could give them what I had including the GoFundMe funds which came to $1300 and they agreed. We wrote up a little contract and OMG MY FRIENDS… I need your help.

SOOOOO here’s my dilemma, it needs to be off that property by May 20th and I still need $1100 dollars to make this mine all mine, to begin my healing journey and begin spreading my sons ashes… yet for those that know my story, it would take me another 3 months to save that on my disability income. 

I get that it’s a hard time for all in today’s world yet when I think about it, I have over 1500+ followers on Instagram (not that half of them even know my story) yet if everyone donated even a dollar or two I’d have it by the deadline.

So I’m reaching out and asking for your help!!! The active link and story is below and I’m reaching out to ask everyone to please help me make this happen. It’s very hard for me to be this vulnerable yet I must in order to make this happen and right now between the tears and my anxiety I’m a mess 😯😒

I tried to change the amount I need in the Gofundme campaign because I don’t need $5000, I only need $2500 total minus what’s been already donated and what I saved, I only need $1100 more cause I gave what was already donated and what little I had saved as the deposit for the bus and gofundme me said to change the amount I would have to start a whole new campaign (stupid I know) 

I also already have most of the things I need to make it a livable bus for me, my dog and my sons dog… And people willing to help me do the inside as well. 

So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to be vulnerable (which is so hard for me) yet this is to important for me to let pride and ego get in the way.

 I’m asking for help to please help me reach the rest that I need to acquire this bus so I can begin the journey of healing and living…

I’m ready to begin this journey, I’m ready to keep my promise to my son and spread his ashes at the places he wanted me too and I’m ready to begin this journey to heal my heart and learn to carry my loss lighter and I need your help to do so.

Thank you all for loving me when I was ready to give up, wiping my tears and lending me your light when mine was fading. Your unconditional love has shown me and helped me believe that anything is possible when we believe and don’t give up πŸ™β€πŸ™
Much love, light and peace to you all!!

Ricci πŸ™β€πŸ™

Be Powerful, Be Magnificent

Be Who You Really Are

Hello World,

So many quotes out there about being who you really are, strength, courage, fears etc… Yet as much as I write about it as well, we all have the doubt’s and fears we have to push past, those doubt’s and fears that resurface at times we least expect them too…. The ones that knock us for a loop, those oh crap where the hell did that come from ones…

Then we learn how to surpass them and it shows us what we are truly made of… We have so much power, strength and wisdom inside us we just have to let it out and believe… And because of my writing and the beautiful family I have on IG that have supported me at every stage of this healing journey I am embarking on… I DO know how strong I am and I DO believe…

My story is of my journey, of my loss of my son, of life and of believe, faith, fears, love and what I’m doing to surpass life’s changes and challenges… Today I have a big announcement I know some may know, some may not and some that are waiting to hear about yet I’ve got one thing to finalize at 2pm today and as soon as I get home I’ll tell you all about it…

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU and those that have turned from l friends to big time family, those that know my story and those that although don’t know me personally yet have shown Mr Moor love than those I’ve know for years… Yet for ALL of you I am beyond grateful!!!

Please take a look at this campaign as it really explains my journey and what I’m going through. And today my big announcement has a tin to do with it so please read the story and share if your able too πŸ™
πŸ™β€ Ricci β€πŸ™

It’s Not About Who Follows You

It’s All About Who Is REAL

Hello World 😊🌻😊 
I always write a little bit about my quote each day…. Then I talk a little about my life and the difficulty I’m dealing with trying to get a van so I can honor my sons last wishes, spread his ashes and live my dream and ask for help with my gofundme campaign do I can honor my son and myself.

Today is different because a very good friend of mine pointed out and posted yesterday about just how phoney and full of crap a lot of her followers are and how many are here just to get a bunch of followers, likes and don’t truly read anything posted. It’s all about likes and how many followers they can get… And it made me think about how true that really is. 

I have a lot of followers on Instagram and on Facebook and I could care less how many followers I have because I don’t write or post my quotes because I want followers, I write because it helps me through each day and is helping me heal from losing my son. I write and post my quotes so I can help others that may be going through a difficult time in their lives. I write and post to ENGAGE with like minded people that are REAL with hopes that I can spread hope, love, kindness, motivation, inspiration and smiles to everyone that reads my page.

So I’ve decided to see just how many people are truly here for followers and who is truly here to help others and help make this hard world a little easier for whomever needs it… 

Our world is turning into an ugly place and if my writing and posts can help make our world a better place, I will do whatever it takes to do it and won’t stop until the day I die.

So continue to follow or delete me the choice is yours… Today I’m going to be deleting all of the BS out of my life and off of my social media and that means people too  because I’m here to help our world be a better place through love, light, strength, hope, belief, faith, smiles and to engage with those like me… Those that want the ugliness in our world to end and the ones that want to make others that are going through a hard time whether financially, physically, spiritually or emotionally know they are NOT alone!!! 

I hope most of you are here to do the same!!!!
❀❀ Ricci ❀❀

Every Day Is A Good Day

When You Go To Sleep With A Smile

Hello World,
​Its been a long day my friends… yet a day filled with lots of laughs and big huge smiles… No matter what your day was like, lots of smiles or not, every day is a good day when you go to bed with a smile!!! Sweet Dreams my friends 😴❀😴❀😴❀😴

For those that are seeing my posts for the first time WELCOME to my story.

I starting writing quotes when I was a child yet life went on and I stopped until I unfortunately lost my son a little over a year ago and 6 months ago is when I started writing again. It’s been a devastating painful journey for me and and being disabled on a limited income has made it hard for me to honor his last wishes.

My daughter-in-law started a campaign to help me get a van so I can honor his last wishes and spread his ashes and I’m asking for your help.. It’s my dream to honor his wishes so that I can heal from the emptiness in my heat and learn to carry the pain lighter and most importantly help others who have lost a child as well..For there’s no greater pain then the pain of losing a child at any age and yet I was blessed to spend 24 beautiful years with him… It is now my purpose to help others as they have helped me, it is my goal, it is my purpose and I will NOT give up!!!! The active link is in my bio and I’d appreciate if you could share it too

πŸ˜΄πŸ’« Goodnight Universe πŸ’«πŸ˜΄

😴❀ Ricci ❀😴