There’s a Difference Between Wearing A Mask

And The Different Roles We Play

Hello World 🌻 Happy Day My Friends 🤗🌻🤗

I bumped into a friend at the store the other day and we started talking about the different roles we play on a daily basis and it made me think about how true that is 🤔🤔..

There’s a huge difference between wearing a mask to hide who you really are or wearing one to be who you really aren’t than when you’re playing a role that is a necessary part of who you are!

When my kids were little I use to tell people all the time that I’m a different mom for each kid…

My kids were spread apart.. my oldest is 6 yrs older than my middle son and 10 yrs older than my youngest… When my oldest was in 6th grade my middle one was in kindergarten and my youngest was 4 yrs younger than my middle one and in day care… Sooo I had to be play a different role with each of them…

Yes I still was mom but I had to be different because of their ages 🤔🤔🤔

When I went to work, the mom role was turned off until I got home.. I was a different person at different times throughout my day and different according to where I was… Yet I wasn’t wearing a mask to hide who I was at anytime 🤔😮..

My point in all this is:

We are different people all the time..

We are different towards our kids than we are to our coworkers, we are different with our bff than we are too someone we meet for the first time and that’s ok cause it’s part of WHO we are..

Yet wearing a mask to disguise who you really are isn’t healthy or ok cause it’s not being real!

So my friends know the difference between the two cause we play different roles every day.. but if you putting on a mask to hide who you are.. that is not ok 😮…

Ricci 💕

Author: Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World, My name is Ricci pronounced like Ricky, yet it's been mispronounced all my life and at my age I answer to just about anything 😊 I am a writer, a writer of motivational light. A writer about everyday life. My story is one of hope, inspiration & motivation... One that begins over a half a century ago, when life was much different than it is today. We all have our own story, for each of us is unique. Some have had it easy, some have had it hard. Yet I believe that each one of our stories can bring a bit of light to others and I hope mine will bring light to some of you. My goal is to tell my story with hope that others can see that no matter what happens throughout your life... You CAN prevail, even when it feels like you can't. For I know it's possible, even after the loss of a child, which to me is the most devastating life event ever... I know for I have and am prevailing each and every day. It isn't easy and there are days where I feel I cannot go on yet always know that You are NOT alone... Everything is possible when you believe. Everything is possible when you believe in YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

2 thoughts on “There’s a Difference Between Wearing A Mask”

  1. Oh my word. I had a discussion with someone years ago on this topic. He said that people in a group we both belonged to didn’t like me because I wasn’t the same all the time and that made them uneasy. As an example, he mentioned two recent occasions on which I’d been different (one was just after receiving a whopping big raise and promotion at work, and the other was just after the funeral of an old friend). He had no complaint about my actual behaviour, I’d just “been different”. When I explained to him why, he stared at me and said quite seriously, “Why should that make a difference?”

    To be honest, the people in that group creeped me out. They were always the same, so much so that I sometimes felt that although there were many bodies there, there were only two people: one was male and the other was female, and they lived in all these different bodies. I kept thinking about “The Stepford Wives” and wondering how I’d gotten involved with this bunch.

    It’s essential to change one’s behaviour, as you said, depending on the situation and the people involved. Your example of the children of different ages was excellent. The kind of parenting needed by a fifteen year old is very different from the kind of parenting needed by a five year old. There’s also personality differences: one child is so anxious to please that a frown is a punishment; another will cooperate if she understands why you want things the way you do; a third is always determined to be the one in charge no matter what. And that’s just three!

    Humans have many different aspects. If we were always the same, we’d either never get out of bed or never get into it!

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    1. BAM 💥 EXACTLY Susan… I always felt this way and never understood parents especially that treated their teenager the same as their toddler and visa versa it made no sense not just their ages but they were totally different kids personality wise too… I’m totally different at work than I am at play and wherever I’m around zombies like you were I run FAST lol lol

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