Anger Is One Letter Away From Danger

So AlwaysThink Before You Speak

Hello World and Happy Day My Friends πŸ€—.

It always amazes me when I see someone taking their anger out on others even if it’s not the other person’s fault.. or you walk into the crossfire of someone’s anger or bad day and it becomes your fault…πŸ˜±πŸ€”

I’ve always been one that if I’m angry, having a bad day or just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I tend to isolate.. if I’m depressed or really sad, I tend to isolate…

It’s not because of any reason other than I do not believe in projecting my mood onto anyone else…

Whether mad, sad or depressed.. if I want or need to talk about it I will… if not I’ll stay away until I work it out myself, yet I don’t ever project my yucky mood on anyone else.. especially if it’s not their fault I’m in that type of mood to begin with πŸ™„πŸ€”

Taking your anger or frustration out on anyone isn’t ok…

When I am in the crossfire of someone else’s bad mood, it always reminds me that ANGER is one letter away from DANGER and the only thing that projecting your anger onto someone else does is push the other person away πŸ™„

Anger leads us to saying things that we don’t really feel or don’t really mean to say, and it brings up trust issues too, especially if something is said that you really don’t mean but say in the heat of the moment!

And although actions do speak louder than words, our actions when we are angry usually match the words that we say…


So whenever you are angry, remember who or what you’re angry at, think before you say a word… cause some words you can’t take back!!!

Ricci πŸ’•

Author: Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World, My name is Ricci pronounced like Ricky, yet it's been mispronounced all my life and at my age I answer to just about anything 😊 I am a writer, a writer of motivational light. A writer about everyday life. My story is one of hope, inspiration & motivation... One that begins over a half a century ago, when life was much different than it is today. We all have our own story, for each of us is unique. Some have had it easy, some have had it hard. Yet I believe that each one of our stories can bring a bit of light to others and I hope mine will bring light to some of you. My goal is to tell my story with hope that others can see that no matter what happens throughout your life... You CAN prevail, even when it feels like you can't. For I know it's possible, even after the loss of a child, which to me is the most devastating life event ever... I know for I have and am prevailing each and every day. It isn't easy and there are days where I feel I cannot go on yet always know that You are NOT alone... Everything is possible when you believe. Everything is possible when you believe in YOU ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

9 thoughts on “Anger Is One Letter Away From Danger”

  1. “In the end it’s best for them” … “People learn three ways: some learn from books, some learn from observation, and some just have to urinate on the electric fence themselves.” When you want to be a good friend, you can recommend a book or point out something worth seeing, but if you stand between someone and that fence they want to pee on, you are not helping anyone (with the possible exception of a dry-cleaner who will appreciate the extra money).

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  2. Sometimes when you face someone’s anger one too many times, you need to get away from them. It’s sad, because the only reason you endured it in the first place is that you cared about this person and wanted to be friends, and much of the time the person was a good friend to you. Then… just one angry moment too many … and whether anyone likes it or not, you have to stay away for your own sanity. What’s really sad is that often, if both of you would discuss the matter and explain yourselves and both of you would listen as a friend to the other’s explanation, the friendship could continue and even become stronger. One of you might need some time to cool down before you can have a discussion instead of shutting your brain and screaming, but then an apology, a question asked quietly such as “What did you mean when you said —–?” can derail the anger and get your friendship back on track.
    We all get angry sometimes, and that anger may be justified. Realizing what the other person was thinking can make the anger dissolve into sympathy or understanding. There still may come a point when you have to leave to protect yourself, and none of us know for sure when someone else will arrive at that point.

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    1. That’s very true Susan… I am not one to get angry very often, in fact it’s rare if I do at all… I’m very much an agree to disagree and a communication person… If I don’t understand what someone means when they say something or if I possibly heard or took it out of context I ask… And was raised that way… My mom and dad were huge communicators and believed in agreeing to disagreeing and practiced it throughout my childhood and finding something that worked for them when they did disagree on something… I think I may have heard them argue 3 or 4 times ever and I am the same way yet most don’t have that skill and tend to project their anger to anyone in their path… This post wasn’t about me persay it was actually about a neighbor I see do it constantly and it made me think of how many do it and unfortunately I do see it more than not πŸ™„


      1. Yes. I’m going through something like that now, something that might have been solved with some patience and sympathy on each side, but for me, it’s become a matter of not wanting to be treated like this yet again. My health was suffering, and saying “good-bye” was a relief. Very sad.

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