Setting Boundaries Is Healthy

Saying NO Is Too

Hello World, 

Setting boundaries isn’t always easy especially when it comes to family and people you’ve known for a really long time… 

It requires you to say NO NO NO without guilt filling your mind…πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ™„

I’ve always been a giver, it’s just who I am.. Yet learning to say no without feeling guilty was one of the hardest things for me to do… πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯.

NO truly is a complete sentence and yet for some reason we tend to want to explain our reasons for saying NO… 

They say we don’t owe anyone an explanation when we say NO… Yet why does it feel so yucky or mean when we don’t give an explanation???

hmmmmm πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€”

Setting boundaries and saying NO shows that you know your limits of what you will and will not do… and your boundaries will be different towards different people too.. 

So don’t get mad or judge when people say NO to you… Cause setting boundaries is healthy and important for your peace of mind too!!πŸ€—πŸ€—.

Have a beautiful day world πŸ€—β€πŸ€—

Ricci πŸ’•

Author: Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World, My name is Ricci pronounced like Ricky, yet it's been mispronounced all my life and at my age I answer to just about anything 😊 I am a writer, a writer of motivational light. A writer about everyday life. My story is one of hope, inspiration & motivation... One that begins over a half a century ago, when life was much different than it is today. We all have our own story, for each of us is unique. Some have had it easy, some have had it hard. Yet I believe that each one of our stories can bring a bit of light to others and I hope mine will bring light to some of you. My goal is to tell my story with hope that others can see that no matter what happens throughout your life... You CAN prevail, even when it feels like you can't. For I know it's possible, even after the loss of a child, which to me is the most devastating life event ever... I know for I have and am prevailing each and every day. It isn't easy and there are days where I feel I cannot go on yet always know that You are NOT alone... Everything is possible when you believe. Everything is possible when you believe in YOU ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

18 thoughts on “Setting Boundaries Is Healthy”

  1. Miss Manners gave a wonderful answer to someone who asked her for a modified version of “No” that isn’t so short. Her reply: “Oh, dear, thank you so very much, I would simply love to if there were any way I were able, but it’s absolutely impossible, and what a terrible shame that is because I would so have enjoyed to, and you were so very kind to have asked me.”
    Notice that although there are plenty of words, there is no hook for an argument. I love Miss Manners’ way of being polite while maintaining her sense of humour and her dignity!
    It really is rude for anyone to keep pressing for you to say “Yes” when you’ve already said “No.” Your point about givers needing boundaries because takers have none is spot on.

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      1. I’m in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Tonight I’m enjoying being inside and feeling deep appreciation for central heating and indoor plumbing.

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      2. I’m in Florida so it’s not that cold πŸ€—πŸ€— I’ve always wanted to go to Alberta and some of the amazing parks in that area… Now I have a reason too go πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸ€— not that I needed a reason haha I just have a great person to meet now πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸ€—


      3. If you want cold and snow, winter is the time to come. If you like warmer weather, wait until May at least. Which parks most appeal to you?

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      4. Fall and Spring usually have the nicest weather. We do have a saying, though: if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will be different.

        Both Banff and Lake Louise are beautiful (for those who like mountains).

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      5. There are a lot of places for both. I haven’t hiked for ages, but strolling is about right for me. And carrying a good sized lunch along.

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