Its Safe To Take Risks

Life Is Full Of Risks

Hello World,

We tend to look at risks as a scary thing… Yet we takes risks in every day life. We risk crossing the street, we risk walking out of the house every morning, we risk changing jobs, we risk saying I love you…

Every day we take risks without realizing we are, yet when it comes to pursuing our dreams we get scared and that fear gets us stuck and when we get stuck we don’t do anything.

I’ve always admired those who aren’t ever afraid of jumping off a 50 foot cliff into a beautiful pool of crystal clear water, I’ve watched so many including my children yet I had never done it. It may have been due to my damn near drowning when I was a child, yet 4 yrs ago I was dared by my kids (who would have never let me live it down cause I made them go on huge roller coasters and taught them to always push past their fears) to jump off a cliff when we went camping. Scared shitless (I could already hear them picking on me in my head) I ran as fast as I could and took that leap. It was the most exhilarating freeing feeling and I was very proud of myself. (Never told my kids I thought I was going to die and have a heart attack) Yet I did it and it reminded me that going after your dreams is basically the same as taking that leap off that cliff…

We all have fears that we must push past and no matter how scary taking that risk, taking that leap of faith may be… It’s way better to jump then to stay stuck being miserable or dreaming about a life you want….

Push past that fear and take that leap of faith… It’s safe to take risks when it’s leading you to your dreams… You may not see the entire road but if you don’t take the risk you’ll never know…

Take the risk…..

πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Ricci πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Author: Hello World Goodnight Universe

Hello World, My name is Ricci pronounced like Ricky, yet it's been mispronounced all my life and at my age I answer to just about anything 😊 I am a writer, a writer of motivational light. A writer about everyday life. My story is one of hope, inspiration & motivation... One that begins over a half a century ago, when life was much different than it is today. We all have our own story, for each of us is unique. Some have had it easy, some have had it hard. Yet I believe that each one of our stories can bring a bit of light to others and I hope mine will bring light to some of you. My goal is to tell my story with hope that others can see that no matter what happens throughout your life... You CAN prevail, even when it feels like you can't. For I know it's possible, even after the loss of a child, which to me is the most devastating life event ever... I know for I have and am prevailing each and every day. It isn't easy and there are days where I feel I cannot go on yet always know that You are NOT alone... Everything is possible when you believe. Everything is possible when you believe in YOU ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

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